No. It is a direct connection between doctors and patients to remove the middle layers of cost.

You simply use it if you decide it costs less out after your deductible, or if you want access to more doctors for more choice.

Healora is the non-insurance option. You decide which is the lowest cost paying direct or using your insurance and paying your deductible and copay.

We connect our network of direct pay cash members with our network of direct pay cash specialty doctors.

Doctors can list their services if they are licensed by the state and present their federal number. Healora offers the best doctors a chance to offer their services for cash which can be 50% less than with insurance.

More doctor choice and the opportunity for lower cost.

No. We started in Los Angeles and are expanding city by city. If you have a large employer group that wants to save millions and provide greater access to more doctors give us a call.

“Anyone who needs a healthcare procedure should check the dcotor and the price to compare. Greater access to the best doctors with savings of 50-70% for paying at the time of service.

The patient who has an HSA card and needs health services.
The insured employee who has a high deductible and copay and can’t afford to use his/her insurance.
The uninsured/self-employed patient who is willing to pay at the time of service to receive substantial savings.
Services include:
Primary Care – Physical Exams, VIP Exams, Surgery Clearance Exams
Diagnostic Services – Lab Work like blood analysis or Imaging like x-rays, CT scans and MRIs
Specialty Procedures – When your doctor or primary care physician says you need a _________(septoplasty, colonoscopy, knee replacement, spinal surgery, etc.)”

The Healora website includes a continually updated searchable database of top-quality physicians in multiple specialties. In addition to physicians, you can also search for participating imaging centers, labs, and urgent care facilities. Additional physicians and services are continually joining in your area! If you have a specific doctor in mind let us know and we’ll get them on board!

Healora has all 25 of the American Medical Association recognized specialists. When you want a second opinion or want an elective procedure that your insurance won’t cover – just look up the specialty and make the appointment!

Absolutey! Imaging centers, labs, and urgent care clinics offer great direct-pay pricing.  In many cases these service centers can provide a mobile unit to your employer for group screenings like mammograms.  Let us know!

Please contact your healthcare provider directly at least 24 hours in advance of your appointment if you need to make a change or cancel your appointment.

Healora encourages physician members to look at the average insurance reimbursement for the healthcare services they offer when deciding on a fair fee structure. Physicians provide the Healora network an additional discount because of the patient flow and their agreement to pay at the time of service.

Healora has agreements with most insurance networks to apply the deductible. You will receive a super bill for your service. Your insurance carrier determines if it will be applied to your annual deductible.

Of course! When you need healthcare service use Healora to save money!

Let them know about Healora and let us know about them.  We love to share our network with new physicians.  We will contact them on your behalf.

Generally a minimum of 30%, however, in many cases Healora providers are reducing their standard fees up to as much as 70% for Healora Direct Pay patients. Each provider determines their fee structure so savings does vary which allows you to choose.

We provide financing options that allow you to get the cash price.  Let us know what you need.

Yes.  By letting everyone know we create an incredible market which creates competition which drives higher quality, lower prices and greater choice.

Healora providers are licensed and regulated by their appropriate professional and governmental organizations. These organizations are responsible for review and enforcement of provider credentials.

100%.  Patient privacy is absolute from us.

Yes. Healora provides the transparency for you to compare and execute the transaction.

That depends on your insurance. You will receive a “Super Bill” that itemizes your procedure. If you need to use your deductible later in the year you can send it to your insurance to apply. Most will be happy you are saving them money. Be sure to check with your particular carrier.

Would you like to speak with someone about identifying your procedure?

We would be happy to help. Would you like to speak someone?

Now that you have reserved your price you can contact the doctor directly to schedule your appointment.

That depends on the doctor and your procedure. We are happy to help if you have an urgent need.


You establish your pricing based on the procedure. Healora suggests medicare + 20%. Many successful practices lower as they specialize in a few specific procedures. Some have developed enough branding to charge a premium. The more competitive your fees are, the faster your Direct Pay practice should grow. The sweet spot seems to be medicare + 20%. Remember that this is paid at the time of service. There is no balance billing or collections. Administrative costs associated with activities such as billing, producing insurance claim forms, coding diagnoses and procedures, referrals, authorizations, payment delays, EOB reviews, claim denials, re-submissions, collection risks, and other “managed care” costs are all eliminated. You can provide patients a fair price for services without the administrative hassles and bureaucracy. You have the legal right to charge a reduced rate for a particular medical service based on a “prompt pay.” You may change your pricing up or down at any time. Your price stays hidden from the public. Only our registered members see your specific pricing just like your other payor contracts.

The primary driver is cost. Healora provides a platform to compare cost. This lets physicians share their cash price with our direct pay member organization. These patients know they are receiving a fair price by paying in full at the time you deliver your services. To strengthen market recognition you may include the Healora logo in your advertisements so potential customers can register and review your cash pricing. Call us so that we can help.

Coding or description of services is up to you. To distinguish Healora patients from others, we recommend using the prefix H in your notes. This simple approach will save you time, avoid confusion, and reduce your legal exposure for accidentally miss-coding a service.

Yes, if you want your patients to pay cash at the time of service. Healora is a soft transition to cash for your practice and it offers a good intermediary choice to reduce the administrative burden of collecting from insurance and balance billing as well as cash negotiation with the patient.

At your option, when the patient calls for the appointment you can require a $50 hold be placed on the patient’s credit card. The patient will understand that a spot has been reserved at a low rate and if they do not show up or call 24 hours prior to the appointment they will forfeit the $50.

Go to www.healora.com, choose Register in the upper right. There is no cost or fee to register.

Access to a broad range of doctors with transparency of pricing. If your doctor is not part of Healora’s network, let us know. Doctor’s love us. We will conta a) transparency, b) choice, c) price

That you register as a member of our organization (see question 17 above).

Send us a detailed email or give us a call and our customer service specialists will help you.

The doctors. Healora does not dictate pricing, however, our network of direct pay members gives a powerful incentive for doctors to provide fair and reasonable pricing. Also, by paying direct prior to service it removes up to 70% of the administrative costs of procedures.

Yes. Primary Care Doctors refer many of their patients to the Healora organization to help the patient search for their doctor.

We do not work with hospitals currently.