FAQ for Patients

Who is a Healora patient?

Anyone who needs healthcare services and would like a discount for paying at the time of service. For example:

  • The patient who has a HSA card and needs health services.
  • The insured employee who has a high deductible and copay and can’t afford to use his/her insurance.
  • The uninsured/self-employed patient who is willing to pay at the time of service to receive a substantial discount.

Services include:

  Primary Care – Physical Exams, VIP Exams, Surgery Clearance Exams

  Diagnostic Services – Lab Work like blood analysis or Imaging like x-rays, CT

       scans and MRIs

Specialty Procedures – When your doctor or primary care physician says you

     need a _________(septoplasty, colonoscopy, knee replacement, spinal

     surgery, etc.)

How do I find participating providers?

The Healora website includes a continually updated searchable database of top-quality physicians in multiple specialties. In addition to physicians, you can also search for participating imaging centers, labs, and urgent care facilities. Additional physicians and services are continually joining in your area!  If you have a specific

doctor in mind let us know and we’ll get them on board!

What if I need a specialist or alternative care?

Healora has all 25 of the American Medical Association recognized specialists. When you want a second opinion or want an elective procedure that your insurance won’t cover – just look up the specialty and make the appointment!

Do imaging centers, labs, and urgent care facilities offer Healora pricing?

Absolutey! Imaging centers, labs, and urgent care clinics offer great direct-pay pricing.  In many cases these service centers can provide a mobile unit to your employer for group screenings like mammograms.  Let us know!

How do I cancel or re-schedule an appointment I booked through Healora?

Please contact your healthcare provider directly at least 24 hours in advance of your appointment if you need to make a change or cancel your appointment.

How do physician members and other healthcare providers determine their fees?

Healora encourages physician members to look at the average insurance reimbursement for the healthcare services they offer when deciding on a fair fee structure. Physicians provide the Healora network an additional discount because of the patient flow and their agreement to pay at the time of service

Can I apply the cost of a medical service I receive via a Healora provider to my deductible?

Healora has agreements with most insurance networks to apply the deductible.

Should I schedule follow-up appointments via Healora?

Of course! When you need healthcare service use Healora to save money!

What if my physician is not registered on Healora or there are no physician members in my area?

Let them know about Healora and let us know about them.  We love to share our network with new physicians.  We will contact them on your behalf.

How much will Healora save me?

Generally a minimum of 30%, however, in many cases Healora providers are reducing their standard fees up to as much as 70% for Healora Direct Pay patients. Each provider determines their fee structure so savings does vary which allows you to choose.

What if I can’t afford to pay my provider for services at the time of my appointment?

We provide financing options that allow you to get the cash price.  Let us know what you need.

Can patients also be involved in making others aware of this “movement”?

Yes.  By letting everyone know we create an incredible market which creates competition which drives higher quality, lower prices and greater choice.

Can Healora reimburse my physician?


Will my insurance company mind that I’m using Healora?


Do you credential or monitor your providers?

Healora providers are licensed and regulated by their appropriate professional and governmental organizations. These organizations are responsible for review and enforcement of provider credentials.

Does Healora comply with HIPAA? 

100%.  Patient privacy is absolute from us.